Peer-Reviewed Publications

Garcia, Rojas, Claudia, “#FreeThemAll: A Feminist-Abolitionist Praxis for Ending Gender-Based Violence.” (Under Review)

Garcia-Rojas, Claudia. “(Un)Disciplined Destinies: Women of Color Feminism as a Disruptive to White Affect Studies,” in Journal of Lesbian Studies, Aimee Carillo Rowe and Francesca Royster, eds. 2016, Pages 254-271.

——- The mostcited article by social media in the journal’s 20 year history.

Works in Progress

“The Supreme Court as a National Defense Agency.” (Journal article manuscript)

“Ida B. Wells on Race Governance.” (Journal article manuscript)

“Fanon and Wynter: Towards a Black Radical Aesthetic” (Journal article manuscript)

From the FBI to Predictive Policing: Policing Black Political Dissent and Resistance” (Journal article manuscript)

“Toward a New National Consciousness: Fanon, Decolonization, and the Institution of a Black Radical Politic” (Journal article manuscript)


Garcia-Rojas, Claudia. “No Racial Justice Without Economic Justice.” The Scottish Anti-Poverty Review, Issue 21, Spring 2016, pp. 5,

Garcia-Rojas, Claudia., Majmudar, Sharmili. “Reporting on Sexual Violence: A Media Guide for Journalists to Better Coverage.” 2009. 






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