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I am a regular commentator on Vocalo, sister-station to Chicago’s WBEZ public radio station. I provide commentary on popular news stories spanning from politics to pop culture. In addition to pitching story ideas, I have also served as a guest co-host and have produced segments for Vocalo and WBEZ, which include interviews with activists, award-winning music artists, and scholars whose work speaks to timely issues.


2018    Commentator: “Council of Feminist Thought talks Kavanaugh allegations + split between Rose MacGowan & Asia Argento,” iHeart Radio and Vocalo. 18 September.

2018    Commentator: “Betty Jo Shelby Teaching A Class on ‘Surviving the Aftermath’.” 31 August. Chicago Public Radio.

2017    Commentator: “Blue Lives Matter, Freedom Square and Freddie Grey.” Chicago Public Radio. 29 July.

2017    Commentator: “New Chicago Police Department Use-Of-Force Policy and Why We Should be Concerned.” Chicago Public Radio. 9 March.

2016    Commentator: “New Hate Crime Laws and the Surveillance of Black Communities.” Chicago Public Radio. 2 June.

2016    Commentator: “How Public Outrage and Media Coverage Affect the Stanford Rape Case.” The Leonard Lopate Show, WNYC. June 16.




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