Public Journalism Projects

Movement Journalism

In 2018, I was one of the co-organizers of the Movement Journalism track hosted by the Allied Media Conference. For this track, we put out a call for individuals interested in shifting the landscape of media so that it reflects the values of our communities. We received numerous applications and were able to accept twelve workshop proposals. In addition to this, we provided scholarships primarily to under-represented writers with a focus on those residing in the South. Learn more about Movement Journalism here. 

You can read some of my self-published works on substack. 


Garcia-Rojas, Claudia., Rosen, Charlotte. “Get Police Out of Schools––Including University Campuses.” Salon. 29 June. 20202,

Garcia-Rojas, Claudia., Rosen, Charlotte. “Get Police Out of Schools––Including University Campuses.” Truthout. 24 June. 2020,

Garcia-Rojas, Claudia. “The Long History of Presumed White Innocence and Black Guilt.” Truthout,  10 Dec. 2014,

Garcia-Rojas, Claudia and Majmudar, Sharmili. “How Media Reports Exacerbates Rape Culture.” 18 Oct. 2015,


Taylor, Flint. Interview by Claudia Garcia-Rojas, “50 Year Ago Today, Police Murdered Fred Hampton. His Activism Lives On.” Truthout, 4 Dec. 2019,

Nash, Jennifer C. Interview by Claudia Garcia-Rojas, “Intersectionality is a Hot Topic––and So is the Terms Misuse.” 19 Oct. 2019,

Browne, Simone. Interview by Claudia Garcia-Rojas, “The Surveillance of Blackness: From the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade to Contemporary Surveillance Technologies.” Truthout, 3 Mar. 2016,

Music Interviews 

I have interviewed numerous grammy-award winning music artists. You can find a link to those interviews here:

Radio Interviews 

Christina Heatherton and Jordan T. Camp. On Policing the Planet: Why the Policing Crisis Led to Black Lives Matter.  

Arun Kudnani. On The Muslims are Coming! Islamaphobia, Extremism, and the Domestic War on Terror.

Poet and Musician Akua Naru Addresses the Importance of Storytelling in Music.

A Conversation with Alsarah and the Nubatones.

Khaled M.: Hip-Hop Artists and Son of Libyan Exiles.—Hip-Hop-Artist-and-Son-of-Libyan-Exiles-id953797-id42930152?country=us



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